Just Kids Child Development Center is a early childhood education program located in Southside Virginia and has served the Danville- Pittsylvania area since 1992. Just Kids is an early childhood education program with a focus on the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of children birth through 4 years of age.


    Our vision is to develop autonomous children that learn, grow and excel.

    We will do this by providing:

    A Holistic approach to early education, primary care giving that promotes trusting relationships between the child and the early childhood education practitioner, an environment that is diverse; without prejudice or respect of person.

    We promote redirection-based discipline and expectation that allows the child to learn, grow, develop, and excel at an individualized pace unique to the child and the individual learning style.


    Just Kids Child Development Center offers high quality, affordable, sustainable, and stabilized care for children. Our staff and team bring years of knowledge and experience to the classroom everyday . These attributes are not only fundamental for the positive growth and learning of children but foundational for parents as they work to provide for their families without worry.


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    Ages 5 months to 12 months


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